Windheimat GmbH is located in the region Waldheimat, which means “home in the forest”. It is known for being the home of the celebrated Austrian writer Peter Rosegger (1843-1918) who wrote about the simple life in the Styrian Alps in his books and poems. In many ways, his visionary works and opinions were shaped by the very conservative lifestyle on the countryside.

Our vision is to drive the energy revolution forward by propagating sustainability and renewable energy in our region and running the wind farm Hochpürschtling.

Currently, climate change is threating the ecological balance all over the world and we are facing a structural crisis in the energy sector, which will change our society for the years to come. The scarcest resource in the battle against this global crisis is not the lack of renewable energy sources per se, but rather the amount of time needed to replace gas-, oil- and coal-fired power plants by renewable energy.

Despite that, there is still some skepticism as to whether the appearance of modern wind turbines is compatible with the traditional landscape and the domestic flora and fauna of the Eastern Alps.

That is why we made the acceptance of the construction and operation of the wind farm Hochpürschtling of central importance. We actively seek the dialogue with local people, take part in studies that evaluate the impact of wind farms on the local environment and offer a range of activities surrounding the wind farm in order to enthuse people about renewable energy, in particular wind power.