On the Austrian national holiday, October 26, 2013, the grand opening of the wind farm Hochpürschtling took place. Over 4000 people from the region decided to enjoy the beautiful weather on a hike through the wind farm. 

Particularly eye-catching was the visit of the regional tractor club “Krieglacher Traktorfreunde”.

Besides talks by the shareholders Hellfried Hainzl and Patrick Bubna-Litic, the program in the marquee consisted of a whipcracking performance by the Mürztaler Goaßlschnalzern and music by a local brass band. The mayor of Stanz, Johann Mauerhofer, and the mayoress of the Krieglach, Regina Schrittwieser congratulated on the promising project and praised the good cooperation in the planning and construction of the wind farm. Further praise came from the members of the Styrian state parliament Markus Zelisko and Hubert Lang and from the president of the World Biomass Association Heinz Kopetz, who particularly emphasized the significance of the project for Styria. Last but not least, the local pastor David Schwingenschuh blessed the wind farm.

Those who found no room in the tent, could enjoy themselves at the wine bar or participate in the surrounding program. A handicraft station of IG Windkraft entertained our young guests while brave ones could enjoy the panoramic view from the lifting platform provided by the company Prangl.